Do you need a change of scene? A holiday at the beach?

Or a trip to the south of France? A cruise around the world?

No need! Save your money! Learn how to dream creatively.

When going to sleep, say to yourself, “Let the curtain rise.” Our dreams lead us to a parallel universe and we need to take them seriously in order to benefit from them.

Our dreams are important to us whether or not we remember them. A dynamic inner life is a good in itself.


3 responses to “Do you need a change of scene? A holiday at the beach?

  1. Dreams have their role. However, I prefer to cruise or tour the World in more than my Birthday suit and connected to my body.

  2. David Schatzky

    Dreams that we will for ourselves can be wonderfully nourishing.
    And better to have a good dream than a nightmare.
    And rather a nightmare than a vacation that turns into a nightmare.

  3. Michael Gundy

    Alain de Botton in “The Art of Travel” tells of the different philosophical modes of travel. Travel within our mind, to confirm or question our world view, the surprise of discovery, to find or escape. All done through the experiences of the great and less so.