The Koran on Radio in 60 Episodes

Source: Finnish daily, Kaleva

Kaleva, Finland — The Finnish public broadcaster Yle started a series of programs on the Koran on March 7. In 60 radio episodes, the work will be read out in its entire length and explained by experts.

There have been isolated protests in the run-up to the broadcasts, which the liberal daily Kaleva can’t understand: “If such programs aren’t fit for a public broadcaster, just what programs are? Yle has often acted outside its scope of duties, but here one can only thank it for courageously shouldering its educational tasks….

“In Finland, too, there are no doubt more prejudices against Islam than against any other religion. But it must be said, the terrorists who base the havoc they wreak on their religion have provided sufficient grounds for such prejudices. The new series now gives listeners the chance to compare these activities with the Koran.”


3 responses to “The Koran on Radio in 60 Episodes

  1. I find it interesting to consider how our Great Leader would react to a similar set of programs on the CBC.

  2. Michael Gundy

    What a brilliant yet simple idea!

  3. Not a bad idea.