For a Change: A Personal Note

May I give top marks to the Canadian health care system. It looked after me for a month, after a surgeon re-attached a tendon to my right knee. (I fell down the bottom three steps in the Spadina subway station, my bad eyes having misjudged my distance to the ground level.) It will take me many more weeks before I have recaptured the status quo. (I am now staying with my son in a condo – no stairs!)

Special thanks to Canada’s recent immigration policies. The operating room in the Mount Sinai Hospital made me feel I was in Calcutta, and only one of the many lovely nurses who looked after me there and at the Bridgepoint rehab paradise was Anglo-Saxon. Her name is Amanda but she has never heard of OUR Amanda (a TV business journalist currently embroiled in a controversy)!


10 responses to “For a Change: A Personal Note

  1. Let the personal note act as a precedent to be followed from time to time.

  2. Best wishes for a quick and interesting recovery.

  3. Scott Spiegler

    I am glad to hear that you are moving along in your recuperation. That is really scary. Please take good care of yourself and hope you are home in your own bed soon. Warm wishes, Scott

  4. Elisabeth Ecker

    Speedy recovery! I am gland it did not prevent you from continuing the “Sketches”.

  5. Excellent result. Welcome back Eric.

  6. Wishing the best of health and the company of high spirits.

  7. An erudite fellow, E.K.
    Was betrayed by three steps, sad to say.
    Without missing a beat
    He’s almost back on his feet,
    Our indomitable hero: hooray!

  8. Subway platforms are not the only place we all need to “mind the gap”. Get well soon and stay safe.

  9. Ruth Abrahamson

    Speedy recovery Eric! But not so speedy on those stairs the next time!