The New Apple Watch and the Zeitgeist

From, March 13

…The prices grate. And they grate not because they’re so expensive, but because they’re gratuitously expensive. The Apple Watch Sport (which starts at $350) and the high-end Apple Watch Edition have the same innards. Their internal computer is the same; they will have the same effect on a user’s life. The only difference is that Apple is manufacturing a status symbol with the Edition. Instead of telling users to pay up because they’ll get a better quality experience, it’s telling them to pay up because they can, and because a more expensive watch is inherently preferable….


4 responses to “The New Apple Watch and the Zeitgeist

  1. An argument of the Puritan. Why drive a Mercedes when you could buy a Kia? It is human nature to show off.

  2. Stating the obvious, a Mercedes is an infinitely better vehicle in terms of comfort, carrying capacity and performance than a Kia. Whether it is tens of thousands of dollars better is a moot point.
    As for the watch, I would like to think that Apple is indulging in a cynical exercise to show up the shallowness of many consumers today, but I fear that what they are doing is grabbing as much money as possible for as little output as possible. If I think the watch has merit I’ll buy it, but if it is identical to a much cheaper alternative from the same company then I am insulted that Apple thinks I would even contemplate paying a massive premium just because of a name.

  3. Never having succumbed to consumer seduction, I find it hard to believe why anyone would want a watch that costs more than $100.00. If a watch tells the time and looks reasonable, surely that’s all anyone needs. Prestige accoutrements are for people who don’t think just being themselves is enough. Sadly, millions will be seduced by the Apple: echoes of the serpent’s seduction of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

  4. Watches have always been about function for some and form for others. From an article titled “The Wrist Watch Speaks” in the February 15, 1918 edition of the Stars and Stripes military newspaper: