This Blog’s Frankfurt Connection

Romerberg, FrankfurtI am an old Frankfurter. Thanks to my charmed life, I am congenitally opposed to austerity. But I had nothing to do with yesterday’s demonstrations against the Central European Bank’s austerity policies. The occasion was the opening of the ECB’s new two-towered headquarters near the river Main, an additional reason for calling Frankfurt Bankfurt. Frankfurt was, after all, the place where the Rothschilds started.

Anti-austerity groups from all over Europe participated in the demonstrations. They culminated on Wednesday afternoon in a rally on the Römerberg, the square in front of the medieval City Hall, the site of coronations of Holy Roman Emperors. One of them took place in Goethe’s youth. He described it eloquently in his autobiography.

My own concern was somewhat different. On the south side of the Römerberg is the Historical Museum, which contains archives of old Frankfurt writers. I am one of them. One safety deposit box for each one of us.

I hope the protesters seized it and will henceforth subscribe to Sketches.


6 responses to “This Blog’s Frankfurt Connection

  1. “I am an old Frankfurter”

    Oh, no, Eric, not you. We think of you as a young, hot, dog.

  2. A veritable past, an enticing future.

  3. Wouldn’t “Frankfurtian” be less ambiguous than “Frankfurter”?

  4. David Schatzky

    If two Frankfurters meet and move to Hamburg, and then have children, would their offspring be Hamburgers?

  5. You could have been a Wiener!

  6. I’ve seen some bad puns before but these are the wurst!