May 9: 70th Anniversary Victory Parade in Moscow

The Czech Republic’s head of state Miloš Zeman will probably be the only president from a Western state to attend the victory parade in Moscow to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. This was confirmed by Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, on Tuesday, March 17.

The daily Mladá fronta Dnes comments on March 18:

“Apart from Zeman and host Vladimir Putin, only people like the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will be standing on the Kremlin balcony. Others like Angela Merkel refuse to legitimize Russia’s imperial conquest ambitions by attending….

“Naturally, the commemoration of so many Soviet soldiers who gave their lives for the liberation of Czechoslovakia merits deep respect. But it shouldn’t be politicized….

“So it’s all the more unfortunate that Zeman is exploiting the event for his Putin mania. On May 9 we will pay tribute to the memory of the Soviet soldiers. But we won’t applaud the president for his trip to the Kremlin.”


3 responses to “May 9: 70th Anniversary Victory Parade in Moscow

  1. Not sure whether the Czech Republic is a “western” state.” It’s in Central Europe and inclined to look west when it suits. Also, the Soviet Union paid a heavy price to defeat Nazi Germany and was alone on the ground until D-Day. Ukraine has a mixed WWII record. Many served in the Red Army but there were also Ukrainian SS divisions noted for their atrocities. Zeman is doing the right thing IMO.

  2. In the age of ‘deepening’ geopolitical disinformation any legitimacy claim, it seems, can be made to sound plausible and twisted to politically (im-)palatable ends.

  3. Canada should send someone. They helped our side win the war and they were allies then. A Russian would go to a similar ceremony in Ottawa, if invited.