Why Not a Skyscraper in the Alps?

Source: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, March 26

Remo StoffelSwiss real estate investor Remo Stoffel presented plans for a luxury hotel in the small village of Vals in the Swiss canton of Graubünden on Wednesday.

At 381 metres in height, with 82 floors and rooms costing up to 25,000 euros per night, the project for Europe’s tallest building promises brave new business prospects for the Swiss Alps.

“The tallest constructions in Switzerland are already situated in the Alpine region. The Zervreila dam just above Vals is over 150 metres high. Back then entire valleys were destroyed to supply the Swiss plateau with electricity. Now the opposite is the goal: unspoilt nature, Heidi-land kitsch….

Developments in the mountains are based on taste and cultural trends. So Remo Stoffel’s tower can’t just be disregarded, especially since, as we’re led to believe, the money for the construction project is there. If we had always stuck to our old views there would never have been an Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Alpine region needs freedom for the necessary economic stimulus, even if it doesn’t please everyone.”


3 responses to “Why Not a Skyscraper in the Alps?

  1. Why not a skyscraper in the Alps?
    If you have to ask, you will neither accept nor understand the answer.

  2. Elisabeth Ecker

    I recently saw a picture of Zürich with an ugly skyscraper sticking out in the middles of the town. Isn’t there a thing as aesthetics?

  3. Designed perhaps as a marketable commodity seeking to appeal to those not cogenitally predisposed to taking the formidable risks of mountain climbing, but geared to the niche segment of those preferring to experience the uplifting sensation of ascending heights by riding elevators instead. To be sure, it is likely to be faster.