The Future of the Lausanne Agreement

Sources: Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, The Daily Beast

What will be the situation in June when the final deal is to be reached and signed?

At this time attention is focused on the terms of the agreement and the question whether or not the Iranians can be trusted. Consideration of the region as a whole takes second place. Long-term thinking is not easy at a time when Yemen, Libya, Syria and Iraq, all nations created by the colonial powers two generations ago, are dissolving. Washington’s traditional friends and partners in the region – the Gulf states, Jordan, Egypt, and above all, Israel – have to see how emerging relations with Iran fit into the whole picture.

At this moment, in the civil war in Yemen, a failed state without a government, Saudi jets conduct airstrikes against Iran’s allies. Chinese ships rescue hundreds of refugees in Aden. Al Quaida forces empty the prisons.

There are secret meetings between Israeli and Saudi officials in Brussels, Vienna and New Delhi.

June is far, far away.


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