Only Democracy Helps Against Religious Wars

Yet another religious war is flaring up in the Middle East in Yemen, the Turkish daily Hürriyet laments (March 27):

“The basic problem is that the Muslim world is still stuck in the Middle Ages in the 21st century…. The Sunni doctrine sees other religions as abnormal and applies many historical rules of Islamic law as if they were divine commandments….

“At the same time, the Shiite rebellion in Yemen testifies to a radicalization and militarization similar to that in the Sunni world…. It’s clear that the legacy of Muslim law and religious doctrine needs to be examined and updated….

“If people, regardless of their religion, aren’t equal before the law, how can peaceful coexistence be possible? The prerequisite for this is clearly democracy and a secular rule of law.”


One response to “Only Democracy Helps Against Religious Wars

  1. Only the ‘religious’ embued with ‘axial’ sensibilities (Karl Jaspers) has the potential to morally strengthen ‘democracy and a secular rule of law’.