Timothy Garton Ash on the Ukrainian Situation

In Berlin, Washington or Brussels we say “Ukraine,” but within 30 seconds we are talking about Putin, NATO and the EU. So let us consider, for once, the struggle for Ukraine, by Ukrainians, inside the majority of its territory still actually controlled by Ukraine. Even if there were no war, this would be a daunting task, for there is a breathtaking scale of corruption and oligarchic misrule, which has deformed the state ever since it gained formal independence nearly a quarter of a century ago….

We must understand that Putin is unlikely to be content with just a “frozen conflict” in eastern Ukraine…. He wants a simmering conflict, one that ensures the whole of Ukraine remains a weak, unstable, dysfunctional state.

Our job, as Europeans, is to prevent him achieving that objective. Yet at best, we can only create the conditions in which the Ukrainians themselves may seize the opportunity created by this crisis, and build a new Ukraine.

Source: La Repubblica, April 10


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