Divorcing a First Lady

Toomaas Hendrik IlvesThe President of Estonia, Toomaas Hendrik Ilves, announced his divorce on April 17. In the light of the current debate about whether the position of First Lady, which is endowed with a salary, an assistant and a government car, should be abolished, the tabloid Õhtuleht comments (April 29):

“At a time when free partnerships are preferred to marriages and half of those who get married get divorced, there is no reason to assume that the Estonian president will be a husband. Moreover female candidates have also been proposed for the presidential office in Estonia. A monarchist lifestyle in which the president’s wife chooses not to pursue a career sends a false signal to modern society. In the era of private insurance, why should we assume the obligation of providing a lifelong income for someone just because they or their spouse was the head of state for a while?”


One response to “Divorcing a First Lady

  1. Please don’t tell Mrs. Duffy.