Attributing Blame for Refugee Deaths in the Mediterranean

Source: Lidové noviny, Czech Republic, April 21

Those who speak of Europe’s disgrace should look up the places where the tragedies occur on the map. They don’t take place in European waters but in Libyan waters. Is it to Europe’s disgrace that thousands of people are dying in Libyan waters? Isn’t it rather a disgrace for the elites of the Muslim world, who are incapable of creating conditions to keep people from fleeing elsewhere?

It’s true that Turkey and Lebanon have taken in a large number of refugees from Syria and Iraq, and for this they deserve respect. But the big bankers of this world are sitting in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the Emirates. Have they done at least as much for the refugees as they have for the jihadists?


One response to “Attributing Blame for Refugee Deaths in the Mediterranean

  1. I’ve mused that if the US Air Force based on Qatar wanted to hurt ISIS funding sources and other backers, they wouldn’t have to fly far from the end of the runway. Just mused mind you.