Royal Baby Can Keep the UK Together

Three days before the British general election, the Polish paper Gazeta Wyborcza wrote:

Royal BabyAfter the decline of the Empire, the Windsors are one of the last remaining British bastions. “Royal Baby No. 2” came along just a few days before the general election, in which the Scottish National Party will probably secure the majority of Scottish votes. Prime Minister David Cameron fears that England will have to rely heavily on its approval.

It’s also becoming increasingly clear that the United Kingdom is slowly breaking up. At the same time we don’t know whether it will remain in the EU. So the timing of the birth couldn’t have been better. It’s almost as if it had been planned that way.


3 responses to “Royal Baby Can Keep the UK Together

  1. curmudgeon

    I dunno… looks like every other baby to me… 😉

  2. Is Gazeta Wyborcza hoping that, once Scotland has dumped England, it will seek a union with Poland? There was in the 19th century a family called Sobieski-Stuart that claimed descent from both King Jan III of Poland and Bonnie Prince Charlie. Perhaps there is a scion of this house who hopes to rule in both Edinburgh and Warsaw. Baby Number Two had better watch out.