A Report on Prostitution in France

Source: Russian Television, May 28

There are about 37,000 prostitutes in France who cost the country €1.6 billion a year (over $1.7 billion), a new study funded by the European Commission has revealed. It put the industry’s annual turnover at €3.2 billion.

The report, called Prostcost, was issued Thursday by the Mouvement du Nid, an organization aimed at helping sex workers, and conducted with the help of the Psytel, a company that provides public health statistics.

The report revealed that the majority of sex workers – 62 percent – operate online, while 30 percent work on the street and 8 percent find clients in hostess clubs or massage parlours.

Data was based on the estimated number of prostitutes and their assumed average monthly earning, and on national data, studies, existing surveys, expert analyses and interviews of prostitutes.


2 responses to “A Report on Prostitution in France

  1. Fred Langan

    How do prostitutes cost France money? Is Francois Hollande ordering in instead of biking out. Probably taxes.

    • Sorry, Fred, I used only part of the story, and should have said so. It went on stating that prostitution in France was legal and probably – I can’t remember – explained that the sum mentioned was lost tax revenue. On Hollande, the Russian story was discreetly silent.