The West and the Saudis

Saudi Arabia’s highest court has upheld the sentence against blogger Raif Badawi, who must now brace himself for a resumption of his lashing sentence. Nothing else could be expected from a state ruled by fundamentalists. According to Die Zeit (June 8), the Saudis’ response to their real or imagined threats from outside – Iran and ISIS – is severe law enforcement inside.

The Portuguese blog Aventar comments (June 8):

“Ironically, Saudi Arabia confirmed its ambition of sitting on the UN Human Rights Council in May, shortly after the regime ordered the appointment of eight new executioners to deal with the growing number of executions and amputations. Saudi Arabia has carried out 85 death sentences since the start of the year alone….

“What sort of moral accusations can we in the West level at Russia or North Korea when we continue to sit at a table with such people? …A dictator remains a dictator, no matter how much oil he has.”


One response to “The West and the Saudis

  1. A telling example of the seemingly paradoxical secular-religious co-mingling resurfacing in current geopolitical games. Perhaps it is now time to re-visit The Guide for the Perplexed by Moses Maimonides.