A Remarkable Speech by the President of Israel

Source: ynetnews.com

Reuven RivlinPresident Reuven Rivlin had some harsh words to say at the Herzliya Conference last week. Israeli society, he argued, is split along tribal lines – Arabs, the secular, the religious and the ultra-Orthodox. “Not only do they not meet each other, but they are educated toward a totally different outlook regarding the basic values and desired character of the State of Israel,” the president lamented.

To solve this problem, Rivlin added, we need “to abandon the accepted view of a majority and minorities, and move to a new concept of partnership between the various population sectors in our society…. The establishment of this partnership is an enormous task. It is a task which I have taken upon myself, but far from a task that is mine alone. It demands from all of us a great collective effort.”


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