The European Union a Disaster? By No Means.

Xavier Vidal-Folch in the Spanish daily El País, June 8:

Seen through the magnifying glass of everyday life Europe looks like a disaster. And the Europeans like another disaster. We don’t know what to do about the Greek crisis – and this has gone on for five years now. Or we fight over the quotas for taking in drowning people who are fleeing hunger and violence while xenophobic voices grow louder….

But seen through the telescope of history the EU looks very different…. The 30 wonderful years Spain has experienced didn’t just come from nowhere. They came from the European citizens’ express will to be united. With all its ailments the EU remains a club that no one wants to leave – not even the British or the Greeks. And the list of those that want to join it is long.


One response to “The European Union a Disaster? By No Means.

  1. Henry Lotin (somewhere off the coast of Norway)

    In many respects, the EU has been far more successful than its founders had any reasonable hope for. The world and vast majority of EU citizens have benefited. A Greek withdraw from the EURO, if it comes, is not an indication of the failure of the EU structure. The Institution will survive, even if the results causes economic pain to many. Greek entry was based on falsified data. This in the end cannot be papered over and resolved through austerity economics.