One Picture Is Worth Four Words

Wolfgang SchäublePlease listen to me.

As the clock is ticking, Chancellor Angela Merkel urges adamant Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble to soften his position on the Greek crisis.

Source: Der Spiegel, June 16


5 responses to “One Picture Is Worth Four Words

  1. Note the position of Angela Merkel’s hand: “Herr Schauble, if you don’t change your mind, whack!”

  2. elizabethecker

    I wonder whether there are other politicians Angela Merkel would like to hit over the head. Especially those who war monger for their own domestic gain, instead of working on diplomatic solutions to a problem very close to her border.

  3. Michael Gundy

    Four more words “No Greeks bearing gifts?”

  4. Jan Krouzil

    Pleading with one who appears ensconced in an aura of determined aloofness.

  5. Think I’ll stick to on-line version.