Shall We Share Love?

Source: Slate Magazine, June 12

The French economist and journalist Jacques Attali asks:

Is this a world in which everyone is free to have relationships with someone other than their principal partner, and to let their loved ones also have relations with others in full knowledge and without any thoughts of possession? Yes, this is already the case for some of the younger generation; it’s the practice on the social networks in which many people have virtual relationships with many others without that in any way involving possession or even exclusiveness….

This could come about in a completely transparent way in the real world. With people as with objects. And “collaborative love” could complement the “collaborative economy.” That would fundamentally change our notion of the family and the education we give our children….

Even if this seems impossible or unacceptable, such thoughts are a good way of understanding the dynamics of our present world, so as to shape it as we see fit.


One response to “Shall We Share Love?

  1. We can shape the world as we see fit?