Cameron’s Anti-terror Talk Is Pure Paranoia

Source: The Guardian, July 21

British Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech on Monday [July 20] in which he accentuated the threat posed by the IS and promised a crackdown against Islamism. The Guardian comments:

David Cameron maintained that confronting Islamic extremism is “the struggle of our generation.” We must pursue this struggle in the spirit with which we “faced down Hitler.”

Yes, Islamic extremism is real. Yes, it creates genuine problems and presents genuine threats. But to claim it as the struggle of our generation suggests a total collapse of perspective…. Diet, smoking, alcohol, loneliness, the slow collapse of the NHS, child poverty, air pollution, traffic accidents, lack of exercise, even the wrong kind of bedroom slippers are likely to kill far more people in this country than Islamist terrorists will manage….

The nations least threatened by ISIS rank this risk the highest. This is media-driven madness, an epidemic of transcontinental paranoia that governments are happy to foment and exploit.


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