Contradicting Hitler

Mein KampfOn the first of January 2016 – seventy years after Hitler’s death – the copyright of Mein Kampf expires. It is held by the Bavarian government.

In the new year it will be legal to print, distribute, sell and buy the book, which is not the case now. However, the regional governments of Länder may declare it illegal under the criminal law prohibiting the publication of hate literature. This is not impossible.

The historian Christian Hartmann has been working for three years on an annotated edition of the book in which he provides a detailed reality check of every important point Hitler made. When the point includes truths, half-truths and lies he dissects it and isolates the various components.

Just one example: Hitler criticized the Weimar government for neglecting the veterans of WWI. Not so, says Hartmann and gives the statistics, adding that once Hitler was in power five thousand traumatized veterans were killed under Hitler’s euthanasia program.

Whatever happens in the copyright issue, Hartmann is confident his book will appear under Article 5 of the Constitution, which guarantees the freedom of scholarship.

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin Heft 25


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