The Population Explosion Revisited

According to a UN report presented on July 22, the global population will swell to over 11 billion by the end of the century. It is high time we stemmed population growth, argues the Finnish daily Kaleva on July 31:

There is simply not enough food for everyone, which means that large swaths of the global population will live in poverty…. Even more people will suffer from a shortage of space and clean water. If life and living on earth is going to be bearable in any way for the generations to come we must get a grip on population growth….

Developments in industrial countries show that it is possible to put the brakes on without resorting to the sort of measures practiced in China. More effective birth control means information about contraception and better access to contraception as well as educating women and improving the right to self-determination.


5 responses to “The Population Explosion Revisited

  1. Not to trivialize the frightening real consequences of over-population, but let all us men over 60 do our bit by pledging never to impregnate women of child-bearing age.

  2. Kaleva’s optimism, despite its Malthusian tone, about the ease of putting the brakes on doesn’t take into consideration the strong role of religion.

  3. Finns dreaming in colour. Prosperity is the way to control the birth rate. Impossible in hyper poor countries.

  4. Elisabeth Ecker

    Apparently, electricity is the only real effective birth control. As soon as a region gets electricity the birth rate comes down. You figure!