Donald Trump Versus the Media

Respect for media is in decline in the U.S. Journalists are only slightly more popular than lawyers.

This is the finding of a Pew Research Study.

Donald Trump may well help his cause at this stage of his campaign by picking fights with journalists – even Fox News journalists.

But when the chips are down, who has the last word?


One response to “Donald Trump Versus the Media

  1. David Schatzky

    If yours is not a rhetorical question, then the answer is complex indeed. One could ask if there ever is a “last word”. It seems that every reported statement or act – of D. Trump – or any other public figure – reverberates in the minds of people, in social media, on radio, television and in print. People’s biases get reinforced by those friends and sources they’re already partial to, and the responses to the responses seem to echo endlessly in the digital universe or fall into a black hole of irrelevance, taken over by the latest skirmish over who or what is right or wrong. Nailing down “the last word” on any thing or any one is almost impossible. If Trump gets elected, then do the people have the last word? Or does Trump? Or do pundits, bloggers, websites? There seems to be a never-ending co-dependent relationship between the media and those on whom they report. Last words die and then are born again in a new shape or for(u)m.