“The Image of Mother Teresa Should Be On Our Money”

From an editorial in The New York Times (September 20) about last Thursday’s Republican debate.

Mother TeresaLet loose by the CNN moderators, the candidates spun their visions freely. Despite an abundance of serious issues to talk about, nobody offered solutions to problems like child poverty, police and gun violence, racial segregation, educational gaps, competition in a global economy and crumbling infrastructure.

On looming disasters (the changing climate) and more immediate ones (a possible government shutdown over, of all things, Planned Parenthood), the debate offered no reassurance that grown-ups were at the table, or even in the neighborhood.

But we did hear an idea to put Mother Teresa – Mother Teresa, a penniless nun – on our money. Think about that.


One response to ““The Image of Mother Teresa Should Be On Our Money”

  1. Saints preserve us.