It Is Hard to Be a Pacifist These Days

Source: Corriere del Ticino, Switzerland, September 19

The number of armed conflicts on Europe’s borders has grown exponentially in recent years. Since 2014 the war in Ukraine has claimed 8,000 lives. Turkey, far more unstable and unpredictable today than a couple of years ago, is waging a merciless war against the Kurds and particularly the PKK. Which leads one to think that Ankara is using the millions of Syrian refugees in the country who want to come to Europe to improve its bargaining position. To say nothing of the conflict in neighbouring Syria, where the war between the Assad regime and the IS caliphate is laying waste to the country….

The first fifteen years of this century should convince even the most diehard pacifists that a respectable military budget and efficient defence against cyber wars, terrorism and armed conflict are no longer merely an optional policy today.


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