What to do About the Colosseum

Source: La Repubblica, August 5

Italy’s government wants to renovate the Colosseum in Rome. The amphitheatre’s arena, which is now exposed to the elements, is to be covered with a platform allowing it to be used as a stage.

As if there were not far more important things to do, fumes the centre-left daily La Repubblica: “The Colosseum is already Italy’s most visited and profitable monument. Instead of covering the arena we should get rid of the stinking mobile snack stands and the fake gladiators with their ridiculous armour and put up public toilets to save tourists from the awkward situation of having to pee on the walls. You could even argue for a museum cafe and a decent bookshop. What is really needed however is an appeal to the trade unions’ sense of responsibility to get them to let the Colosseum open on public holidays.”


One response to “What to do About the Colosseum

  1. A few of what the French call ‘vespasiens’ might help keep the walls clean and would have the extra merit of commemorating the emperor who ordered the building of the Colosseum.