Demographic Games

In Canada, there are now more people over sixty-five than under fourteen.

If it were the other way round, there would obviously be considerable pressure to allow those under fourteen to run for Parliament to represent them and, if lucky, become Ministers of the Crown.

Surely it is better to have a gerontocracy – after all, the old are wise as well as witty – than an infantocracy.


2 responses to “Demographic Games

  1. Michael Gundy

    Could those over 65 please do your duty and commence procreation so we can reverse this imbalance! A simple task, so get on with it.


    If P.E. Trudeau can do it, so can the rest of us!
    Perhaps Ashleigh (Ashley?) Madison could consider a new business model?
    What a delightful way to adjust pension policy, without the fuss of letting in an additional 100,000 immigrants annually.