A Tough Interview with David Cameron on Doing Business with Saudi Arabia

Cameron interviewSource: The Independent, October 7

David Cameron has repeatedly refused to explain why the British government agreed to a “squalid” deal with Saudi Arabia, as the country prepares to behead and crucify a teenager for engaging in pro-democracy protests during the Arab Spring.

In an excruciating interview with Channel 4’s Jon Snow, the Prime Minister floundered for a response when questioned on the recently exposed secret deal with the Saudis to allow both nations’ election to the UN Human Rights Council in 2013.

“This sounds a bit squalid for one of the most human-rights-abusing regimes on earth,” Mr Snow comments. The PM claimed he would attempt to personally raise the case of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, a 17-year-old teenager arrested when he was 14 who faces the death penalty, but only if there was an “opportunity” with Saudi authorities. “We oppose the death penalty anywhere and everywhere in all our international contacts,” Mr Cameron added.

Asked three times by Mr Snow why – if Mr Cameron “completely disagreed” with the repressive state over their “punishment routines” as he claimed earlier – the UK had agreed to the deal with the Saudi government the PM claimed: “Well, I’ve answered the question.”

“Well, that isn’t an answer is it? I mean we have done a horrid deal,” Mr Snow responds.

Finally, the Conservative leader claimed it was because the British government has “a relationship with Saudi Arabia.”


One response to “A Tough Interview with David Cameron on Doing Business with Saudi Arabia

  1. Mike Holliday

    Politicians like David Cameron make decisions based on what they believe the voter wants, or at least will accept.
    Supporting a Saudi regime that plans to crucify a youth, 17, for seeking democratic change when just 14, clearly reveals Cameron’s evaluation of the character of the collective UK voter.
    I wonder what would have happened in 1939 had Cameron’s forebears been in power in the UK? Oh, hang on, many were and were urging Britain to do a `deal’ with Hitler’s Germany.
    In fairness to those appeasers that was before the full extent of Hitler’s evil became known, whereas in this case the Saudi’s vileness is on display well in advance.
    This makes the Cameron Government’s actions even more disgusting.