I Am the Enemy

Rob Ford(Non-Canadian readers, please note that next Monday there will be a federal election in Canada. The Conservatives are led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a politician with a strong law-and-order record. Rob Ford was mayor of Toronto until recently and is a loyal supporter of Mr. Harper. Ford made headlines all over the world for his spectacularly unsavoury behaviour on the margin of the underworld and was persuaded to leave office.)

Are you going to the Conservative rally in Toronto on Saturday?

It is in part organized by Rob, and his brother Doug, Ford. (Rob is pictured above.) When this became known, their involvement was downplayed by Mr. Harper and party officials.

In any case, be prepared for attacks on urban, effete, bleeding-heart city-slickers and CBC-types.

Please forgive me for taking such attacks personally.


4 responses to “I Am the Enemy

  1. Eric, no one could ever accuse you of being effete.

  2. henrylotin@rogers.com

    There there, it’s all a bad dream. It will be over on Monday.

  3. King townsend

    Can we afford Harper?