Secrecy and the New Canadian Government

Was it really necessary to include a pledge to keep secrets in the oath the new ministers swore on Wednesday?

If I was the new prime minister, I would have deleted the pledge on the grounds that it was in conflict with the commitment to have more openness and transparency in the conduct of government.

If challenged, I would have said that it goes without saying that you can’t govern without secrets and that I was going to remind my ministers of the obvious need for discretion in an informal Cabinet document.


2 responses to “Secrecy and the New Canadian Government

  1. Michael Gundy

    I think that their should also include a pledge requiring civility in all its forms (excluding wit, parody and humour, of course).

  2. I understand this pledge is to keep the deliberations secret; I believe it would be impossible to manage otherwise. As far as I know, cabinet deliberations have not been leaked in the past?