The Distinctive British Sense of Humour

Source: Avenire, Italy, November 11

What Downing Street prefers to refer to as a “flexible union of free member states” is in fact a dictate – Anglo-Saxon humour remains true to form. This is a very elegant way of underlining the growing distance between London and the Continent, the former’s insuperable distrust of the EU, the euro and the community’s rules.

What Cameron is really saying is: Let us keep all the prerogatives, rebates and exemptions we have regarding the EU budget – and please take care not to come too close to our coastline. Only then may we do you the courtesy of remaining at least nominally in the EU. Excuse me, I mean the “FUFMS,” the Flexible Union of Free Member States.


2 responses to “The Distinctive British Sense of Humour

  1. Fog in Channel, continent cut off.

    And please don’t utter what starts at Calais.

  2. What were the intentions of the EU’s founding members?
    Did they envisage a free trade environment stimulating business and growth for all, with a by-product of peace because all the countries were commercially inter-dependent?
    Or was their ultimate goal one nation, one body controlling the geographic entity known as Europe, with uniform laws, a single currency, one military and even perhaps, a single language?
    If the latter, would the citizens of those countries that make up the EU, have voted in favor of their involvement?
    If the majority of Britain prefers the free trade aspects and looks with disfavor on a one-nation Europe, then is not Cameron’s stance democratic?