“Let Us Allow Doping in Sports!”

Source: Róbert Puzsér in Magyar Nemzet, Hungary, November 12

I don’t believe that serious results can be achieved in modern world-class sporting events without drugs. Where so much money and fame is at stake, it’s only natural to reach for performance enhancers….

Such substances must simply be legalized. Every top athlete should have access to the newest, most effective and safest drugs – under strict medical supervision….

It’s time for an end to the hypocrisy in elite sports.


5 responses to ““Let Us Allow Doping in Sports!”

  1. Doping is just so yesterday. The future of enhanced human performance lies in CRISPR-cas9.
    You could look it up. Of course, that might make you want to go to bed, pull the covers over your head, and whimper a lot.

  2. Elisabeth Ecker

    Where are the save drugs?

  3. henrylotin@rogers.com

    Whatever elite athletes use under supervision, high school athletes will seek to obtain illicitly. Profiting organized crime and eroding public health. That’s the problem.

  4. Mike Holliday

    It would be dangerous to make doping legal.
    The impact on the community, and in particular the aspirational young, is so obvious that anyone promoting that step should think again.
    It is futile to suggest that we need ethical behavior (in every activity) but the sporting community could ensure that those who are caught cheating are banned for life and all their achievements removed from the record books.

  5. If everyone is doping, who is competing? The athletes or the chemists?