Being Old in Holland

In two supermarkets in The Hague, cashiers will be trained to recognize symptoms of confusion or neglect in old people. From Volkskrant, Netherlands, December 17:

The “caring cashier” is an appealing initiative. But that cashiers are clearly having to take on the duty of care, which should be provided by the state, is proof of the desolate state in the Dutch care system….

The elderly are being forced to live without support for as long as they can because old people’s homes are far too expensive. And the government is cutting back on home care services too. Those who can’t afford to pay for a cleaner and who don’t yet qualify for home care are left to their own devices and must live in loneliness and filth….

The supermarket care initiative in The Hague is a glaring patch-up job but not a real solution to the care problem.


One response to “Being Old in Holland

  1. Sigh…sometimes people forget that getting old is something that we will all have to face