Let Us Recognize the Caliphate

Source: The Independent, December 15

History shows that diplomatic recognition of extremist governments can make them more likely to moderate their behaviour. While pariahs are able to behave with impunity, when brought within the international system they become subject to constraints….

[ISIS] now controls significant territory, governs a population of up to 10 million, operates an increasingly sophisticated civil service bureaucracy and has largely established a monopoly on violence. Only by accepting reality and extending diplomatic recognition to ISIS can the West hope to gain a credible means to moderate and constrain its further advance.


3 responses to “Let Us Recognize the Caliphate

  1. Michael Gundy

    Easy answer to a complex problem. Recognition of Daesh confirms a level of legitimacy that confers endorsement of their policies and actions. I am all in favour of engagement of such endorsement.

  2. Michael Gundy

    SERIOUS OOPS! Replace the second “endorsement” with “engagement”

  3. mike holliday

    An easy answer to a complex problem is usually the wrong answer. ISIS and its leaders have employed brutal savagery to control a large amount of land and perhaps 10 million people. It is now suggested that that this success – achieved by incredible viciousness – should be rewarded with recognition.
    What sort of message does that send?
    I confess, I don’t know the answer, but I don’t think an acceptable solution will come from rewarding ISIS.
    One of democracies many failures has been its inability to conquer doctrinaire philosophies.
    That comes about because democratic leaders fail to value democracy.
    How else can you explain the slavish acceptance of autocratic, brutally repressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia.