The “Clash of Civilizations” Refuted by Events

Author: Josef Joffe, January 7


Today’s Islam is characterized by conflicts within itself. In the name of Allah, a thousand times more Muslims are being killed than “infidels.” The most brutal war in the Middle East was between Iran and Iraq (1990–1998), not between Israel and Arabs.

A new record was established last week: in the wake of the execution by the Saudis of the Shiite cleric Al Nimr, a mob burned down the Saudi embassy in Tehran, whereupon Riyadh broke diplomatic relations with Tehran.

The Iranians execute three times as many people as the Saudis.

Shiites and Sunnis are at war in Syria and Yemen.

The Turks are fighting the Kurds. Assad decimates his own people. In Egypt, the military has dethroned the Muslim Brothers in a coup. In Tunisia, the reactionaries are trying to subvert the modernizers. Libya is being torn apart by tribal warfare.


One response to “The “Clash of Civilizations” Refuted by Events

  1. Elisabeth Ecker

    Who started all of this? Don’t ask.