Dear fellow Canadians, does anyone know this gentleman?

Source:, January 15

Tihomir OreškovićCroatia’s future prime minister Tihomir Orešković grew up in Canada and has only been living in his native country for a few years. His poor knowledge of Croatian is increasingly making him the butt of jokes. “Even during his inaugural speech he said ‘buildings’ meaning ‘citizens,’ and on Wednesday he declared with aplomb that he wanted to look into how to boost indebtedness in the next couple of years.

His language problems are becoming a problem for the public and media, who often have to explain, interpret or simply alter his comments so that the people can so much as understand their future prime minister. Some of his mistakes aren’t so serious, but when he makes them when talking about such important topics as debt, economic growth, credit ratings and the like, both he and the nation are walking on very thin ice.


5 responses to “Dear fellow Canadians, does anyone know this gentleman?

  1. Michael Gundy

    Come on, cut Tihomir Orešković some slack. As Canadians, we supported and elected Jean Chrétien PC OM CC QC despite the fact that he could not speak either English OR French. If Tihomir grew up here in Canada, he has a fine example to guide him.

  2. For as long as Mr. Tihomir Orešković adheres to neoliberal economic principles his political future will be assured, or perhaps not, linguistic obstacles notwithstanding.

  3. The Croatians should all learn English! :Case closed! :))

  4. Elisabeth Ecker

    Jan are you being sarcastic?

  5. Tim Orešković was never elected by Croatian people. They knew nothing about him. He is being used by the right wing politician to highjack the power and push their Clero-Fascist ideas. Canadians would have never allowed such a thing here.