Muslims in Europe — Today’s Jews

Source: Miljenko Jergović in Jutarnji List (Croatia), January 12

At the start of the 20th century, the mayor of Vienna, Karl Lueger, announced that the Jews from the East represented the biggest threat to our way of living. The word Ostjude [Eastern Jew] became an insult and threat all over Europe.

Isn’t something similar happening today? Except that this time it’s not about the Jews but about Muslims and Arabs? When Muslims attacked defenceless, white, European women on streets and squares on New Year’s Eve, the tabloids immediately proclaimed a new phase of fear and panic. Readers were paralyzed with fear without realizing that old legends were being revived.

One of the legends of the 1920s and 1930s was the tale of Jews attacking respectable Christian women with the goal of dishonouring them. Legends need not be based on facts. They can still bring terrible suffering to communities. They are poison for Europe.


2 responses to “Muslims in Europe — Today’s Jews

  1. Vera Rosenbluth

    The similarities are more than a little chilling! Add to that the confiscation of valuables by the Danish and German governments… and the echos of the 1930’s get even more disturbing.

  2. Mike Holliday

    It is wrong to link historic discrimination against Jews with modern suspicion of Muslims.
    For centuries Jews were attacked because people had been told lies about the Jews and their way of life. The article author Miljenko Jergovic describes these lies as `legends.’
    So his analogy is accurate only if the reports from Germany’s New Year celebrations, and the reports of Muslim extremist violence, and the Muslim-led terrorist attacks are false.
    The Muslim responses might be reaction to assaults on their religion, their lands and their people, but those responses are not `legends.’