Rome Covers Up Nude Statues for Rouhani

NudesThe classical nude beauties at Rome’s Capitoline Museum were covered during a press conference given by Iranian President Rouhani and the Italian Prime Minister – out of respect for the Muslim guest.

The weekly French L’Obs comments:

“Because even those who defend the fundamental principles of the Islamic Republic have not been able to have the libertine paintings in Isfahan’s Ali Qapu Palace and Chehel Sotoun covered. These frescoes, some of which show women with their hair blowing in the wind and serving wine to men at banquets, were covered during the 1979 revolution to protect them from religious zeal.

“But President Rafsanjani had them uncovered and inaugurated with much pomp. Even today the dignitaries of the regime show them to visitors and take delight in their reactions. You can bet they’re also getting a big kick out of the Italians’ prudishness.”


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