Political Correctness

You, readers of this blog, are members of the intellectual and moral elite, and you will know by now that large sections of the American electorate are opposed to political correctness. You have always known that political correctness is conformist, conventional or boring.

However, suppose it is also civilized and tolerant – what then?


6 responses to “Political Correctness

  1. We may or may not all agree that “elite” is an accurate description of us but I suspect that there is widespread agreement among us that political correctness is civilized and tolerant, and even necessary, but, at the same time, have not all seen examples of it that are downright silly?

  2. Civility is the social lubricant that permits us to engage in disagreeable dialogue respectfully. Political correctness should not be confused with civility: the former is rote, the latter respectful and mannered. I regret that politics often lacks true engagement now.

  3. To me the unacceptable aspect of political correctness is hypocrisy. Otherwise, PC is truth expressed diplomatically and kindly rather than undiplomatically and unkindly. Similarly, I don’t care that clichés are hackneyed, as long as they’re true.

  4. As a social phenomenon I see PC as not much more than a tacit power struggle in linguistic and legal disguise.

  5. henrylotin@rogers.com

    The one aspect that, in my view, is unambiguously corrosive is if it stifles debate completely on the topic. If it is widespread enough and strong enough then it is more likely to eventually emerge outside civil discourse.

  6. PC is of itself neither good nor bad. Rather, it’s application makes it useful or not so useful. As a gentle guideline suggesting consideration of an important popular and timely perspective in a particular debate, PC may be useful. As a bludgeon to stop any and all other commentary, not so useful. To some, PC means only the latter, with good reason. On the other side of the coin, the social contract may also be expressed with kindness and grace, or with intolerance. A guise of morality may taste as bitter as strong-armed application of PC. In the end, any person holding an implacable perspective can find comfort by employing and/or twisting almost any popular or classic, moral, religious or social “order”… such as the notion that readers of this blog are members of the intellectual and moral elite.