The Lasting Contribution of the Koch Brothers to American History

By Bill McKibbon in the conclusion of a review of Jane Mayer’s book, Dark Money, in The New York Review of Books, March 10

The lasting contribution of the Kochs [no relation] to our history will almost certainly be the introduction of truly huge money into the political process, vast funds coming from the tiniest sliver of the population. With each election cycle the resources they’ve assembled have grown, and this year they’ve announced plans to spend $889 million.

About $300 million of that is slated to go directly into campaigns; the rest will pay for get-out-the-vote operations, their voter data project, and the like. “We’ve had money in the past, but this is so far beyond what anyone has thought of it’s mind-boggling,” Fred Wertheimer, the longtime head of Common Cause, told Mayer. “This is unheard of in the history of the country. There has never been anything that approaches this.” Thanks to Mayer, we are, at least, fully warned.


3 responses to “The Lasting Contribution of the Koch Brothers to American History

  1. Jan Krouzil

    At the risk of sounding perhaps a tad too simplistic I venture to offer a semi-rhyme – whether it’s coming from ‘the left’ or from ‘the right’, much in this round of US electoral politics verges on corrupt.

  2. Jan Krouzil

    There is only one person among those who currently occupy the US electoral stage whom I find motivated by genuine concerns and ideals and who appears credible and politically appealing – Tulsi Gabbard, who just announced her support for Bernie Sanders and is deemed by some to be vice-presidential material.

  3. A few weeks ago one of the Koch brothers gave an interview to the Financial Times of London. I notice Koch industries doing touchy-feely ads on TV. It is part of a PR campaign to soften their image.