The Legacy of Olof Palme: Double Standards — Sweden’s Specialty

Source: Jyllands-Posten, February 29

Olaf PalmeUnder Palme (1927–1986), Sweden raised the moral finger that it’s been wagging ever since. In the Cold War he saw himself as an independent voice mediating between the East and the West….

The farther away a conflict was, the more vehemently Sweden became interested in it. Attacks in the communist East on the other side of the Baltic didn’t interest the country in the least….

And while Palme championed disarmament on the international stage, Sweden’s arms exports skyrocketed. Even today, double standards are a Swedish specialty. Sweden’s self-image, which has marginalized this country by means of a refugee policy that is as idealistic as it is unrealistic, goes back to Palme’s days as prime minister.


One response to “The Legacy of Olof Palme: Double Standards — Sweden’s Specialty

  1. That’s gutsy, taking a shot at St. Olaf. I remember The Spectator running a piece in the early 1980s dissing him and his wife and their penchant for social engineering.