Europe or Barbarity

By the philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy in Corriere della Sera, March 4

Bernard Henri LévyEither we allow the obscene and opaque every-man-for-himself mentality to prevail and national anger to bury the European dream…or the 28 EU states will come to their senses and decide to follow Angela Merkel’s course….

On the question of Syria they must follow François Hollande, because the conflict and the dual barbarity that have depopulated the country and driven millions into exile are the true cause of today’s tragedy. The two politicians must listen to each other and examine each other’s view of the truth. Only the whole truth can lend body and soul to the German–French axis, without which everything will be lost. Then and only then will Europe have a chance of survival.

Never before was the choice more clear: Europe or barbarity.


One response to “Europe or Barbarity

  1. With his firm views and resolutely held convictions on the existential status of Europe, I wonder whether the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy would consider running for political office, just as his friend Dominique Strauss-Kahn once did.