What Were Putin and Kissinger Talking About?

Kissinger and PutinFrom Russian Television, February 3

Putin and Kissinger have had more than 10 tête-à-tête meetings so far, according to media reports. When Kissinger visited Russia in 2013, Putin said that Moscow always pays attention to his opinions and called the former secretary of state “a world-class politician.”

Kissinger, a former US national security adviser and foreign policy head, pioneered the détente policy in 1969 steering the US-Soviet relations to a general ease. For his part in negotiating a ceasefire in Vietnam, in an unsuccessful effort to put an end to the Vietnam war (1955–1975), he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.

In a December interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt, Kissinger said that he believes the West should understand there could be no resolution to the Syrian crisis and unity without Russia’s participation. He also said that one cannot defeat the Islamic State militants in the Middle East using diplomatic means.


4 responses to “What Were Putin and Kissinger Talking About?

  1. They were discussing the whether…

  2. Michael Gundy

    Wonderful and entertaining form, but no substance.

  3. I am reading Volume One of his biography by Neall Ferguson. Highly interesting. An amazing life. He is 90 years old and still going at it. I am a sort of fan of Putin. Russia is not a “normal” country and only someone like him can keep it together. Too much cheering for Ukraine in Canada.

    • I’ve read the reviews of Kissinger the Idealist. I feel empathy with hm. I came from the same background: his was conservative Jewish, mine liberal. Ferguson seems to make it clear that a key to Kissinger is his gratitude to the U.S. for welcoming his family in their hour of need.