An Uplifting Story about Refugees

Source: The Guardian, March 22

The German far-right NPD party has taken the highly unusual step of praising refugees for their humanity, after a group of Syrian asylum-seekers administered first aid to one of its candidates involved in a car crash.

Stefan JagschStefan Jagsch (pictured here), an NPD lead candidate at this month’s local elections in the Hesse region, lost control of his vehicle on the road between Altenstadt and Büdingen on March 16 and crashed into a tree.

According to the local fire brigade, two Syrians pulled the seriously injured Jagsch from the wreckage and administered first aid treatment before an ambulance arrived at the scene.

Jean Christoph Fiedler, the NPD’s leader in the Hesse region, told the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper that the Syrians had “likely performed a very good, humane deed.”


3 responses to “An Uplifting Story about Refugees

  1. Maybe there is a new civility among a few politicians. Here’s a link to yesterday’s N Y Times opinion piece by John McCain, conservative Republican senator from Arizona:
    It is a genuine tribute, and most welcome in our present-day overheated US political climate.

  2. Michael Gundy

    Bill Graham, Liberal political and a true gentleman, stresses the importance in civility, in our individual lives and in a society. See his announced autobiography. It is a shame that a simple act of civility such as helping someone in need must be considered news worthy. OR it was a slow news day.

    Firemen rescue cat from tree!