The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty

Source: Huffington Post, April 2

Joseph StiglitzNobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says Canada should reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal because it is a flawed trade agreement that benefits big business at the expense of working people.

The Columbia University professor is delivering that message in a speech at a University of Ottawa conference on the Pacific Rim trade agreement that includes the United States and Japan and covers 40 per cent of the world economy.

The House of Commons trade committee is studying the TPP, a process which International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland has said could take up to nine months. After that, she has promised that only a vote in Parliament would ratify the deal, which was negotiated under the former Conservative government.

Canada signed the sweeping, 12-country treaty in February, something Freeland called a “technical step” that doesn’t mean ratification.

Stiglitz said the deal would cost Canada jobs and weaken the government’s ability to make regulations, including those meant to protect the environment.


2 responses to “The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty

  1. If the Obama administration manages to get the TPP ratified via Congress first, a likely outcome given the US geopolitical imperatives, can Canada really afford not to follow suit even if only by default, despite Joseph Stiglitz’s advice and assorted oppositional ‘voices’ arguing against it notwithstanding?

  2. I heard Stiglitz interviewed on this topic yesterday on CBC radio. He characterized the TPP as a document written primarily to advance US interests, with small concessions to the rest of the participants. And he was doubtful the US congress would ratify it anytime soon, if ever.