Short Explanation for the Decline of Socialist Parties in Europe

Source: Die Zeit, March 29

National sovereignty as a prerequisite for the welfare state has been undermined by recent trends.

Many important decisions are now made in Brussels.

Globalization has eroded national borders.

So do social media.

Both in relation to the Greek crisis (i.e., austerity) and the Trans Pacific Trade and Investment Partnership, socialists in Germany are divided.

There is no clear view of the future.


2 responses to “Short Explanation for the Decline of Socialist Parties in Europe

  1. Is it not remarkable how quickly socialist has changed from being a dirty word to a respectable term in the US?

  2. Elisabeth Ecker

    Why can’t we have both. Socialism and capitalism go well together as in some European countries where the social safety net allows entrepreneurs to take more risks and the more equal distribution of wealth supplies the consumers which are an integral part of capitalism. National healthcare, pensions and unemployment insurance are an easy sell. Some of the successful European countries also have national unions and labour represented on company boards.