Turks versus German Media

Following the airing of a satirical video that mocks Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by German public broadcaster NDR, the German ambassador was summoned to the Turkish foreign ministry and ordered to delete the video. Commentators call on Germany and Europe to put the Turkish president in his place.

The anger of Turkey’s President Erdoğan and certain sections of the Turkish population over the satire is based on a lack of understanding of the German media, the Turkish anti-government Internet portal Diken writes on March 31:

“In Germany, journalists aren’t afraid of politicians or prosecutors…. The public broadcasters in Germany have absolutely nothing in common with their Turkish equivalent, TRT. In Germany, public television is seen as an organ that caters to the interests of the entire population, and as such it can’t behave like a government mouthpiece.

“Week after week the cabaret numbers, sketches and humorous programs that you see in Germany poke fun at all members of the government – particularly Merkel. So the Erdoğan song is not a direct reflection of government policy. Nevertheless you can be sure that its message voices the opinion of the members of government.”


2 responses to “Turks versus German Media

  1. Michael Gundy

    So I hope that means that the CBC is free from our political betters, particularly its withering budget.

  2. mike holliday

    Germany is either unique in its hands-off approach to publicly-funded broadcasting, or the author is one of the most naïve journalists ever born.
    Governments the world over interfere with public broadcasters using direct attacks, indirect attacks on their budgets and through proxies like the nice Mr Murdoch.
    On the topic of Turkish – European relationships, there comes a time when an allies actions are so unacceptable that the alliance splits.
    Turkey should not worry too much about losing European support. The west has put up with Saudi Arabia’s religious-based attacks for years without cutting the cord.
    If they did Russia would be more than happy to fill the gap. I hope Mr Erdogan and co have a very long-handled spoon.