From Stephen Lewis’ Speech at the NDP Convention in Edmonton (April 8–10)

Stephen LewisOn health care:

…It’s our issue…from Tommy Douglas to Roy Romanow, it’s our issue. We cannot allow it to be depreciated or trifled with. Modern, sophisticated economies do not regard health as a soft sector. Public health lies at the very heart of the international Sustainable Development Goals; goals meant to govern public policy for the next fifteen years; goals effectively ratified by every one of the 193 member states of the United Nations, Canada of course included.

It is now finally understood, worldwide, that resources for health are the sine qua non of a civilized society, and the foundation of economic growth.

We have so much ground yet to cover. The Liberal pledge for homecare appears to have been abandoned, and universal pharmacare is nowhere to be seen. Those are programs that we must pursue as though life depended on it because, in fact, life does depend on it.


One response to “From Stephen Lewis’ Speech at the NDP Convention in Edmonton (April 8–10)

  1. Unfortunately the US has neither claimed nor aspired to be a civilized society. “Exceptional,” perhaps, but not civilized.