Labour Supports Cameron

Source: James Kirkup in The Telegraph, April 14

Jeremy CorbynTo win his referendum and keep his job, the Prime Minister needs votes from people more likely to listen to Mr Corbyn (pictured here) than him: the young…. To win his referendum, Mr Cameron needs young, left-leaning pro-Europeans to turn out in sufficient numbers to offset the grey vote. In other words, he’s relying on much the same group of people Ed Miliband thought would put him in Downing Street last year. The failure of those people to actually vote delighted Mr Cameron last year but now it haunts him.


One response to “Labour Supports Cameron

  1. Paul Knutson

    There’s the old joke about a man explaining “mixed emotions” to a friend: “Imagine your mother-in-law drives your brand new car off a cliff.”
    Cameron being caught out by the Panama papers (where are “the Delaware papers”?) brings a momentary pleasure – and then you realise you need him to be strong and effective for the EU referendum on June 23rd. The stay in vote is being run so badly, I’m not sure the young are even aware. And Jeremy Corbyn is far from a lead person for any campaign. The future for the young being decided by grumpy old small-englanders is a pretty miserable prospect.