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More Indians have access to cell phones than to flush toilets.

Source: NY Review of Books, April 21, 2016, “A Different Vision of History”

The Indian government has told the Supreme Court that it should not try to reclaim the priceless Koh-i-noor diamond from Britain. The gemstone came into British hands in the mid-19th Century, and forms part of the Crown Jewels on display at the Tower of London.

Ownership of the famous gem is an emotional issue for many Indians, who believe it was stolen by the British. But the solicitor-general said it was “neither stolen nor forcibly taken.” Ranjit Kumar said the 105-carat diamond had been “gifted” to the East India company by the former rulers of Punjab in 1849.

The case is being heard by the Supreme Court after an Indian NGO filed a petition asking the court to direct the Indian government to bring back the diamond. The court is still considering the issue, and said it did not want to dismiss the petition as it could “stand in the way” of future attempts to bring back items that once belonged to India.

Source: BBC News, April 19

Ko Hi Noor diamond


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    Not sure what the first line about phones and toilets has to do with rest of story? How is this any different, in the broad sense, than Greece’s fight to retrieve the Elgin Marbles?

    • 1. I can’t dream up an ingenious conduction between the two stories except that both caught my eye at the same time and one was about the poor, the other about the rich. (I prefer being rich – no connection.)

      2 No idea.